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Pipes may burst for many different reasons; it could be due to a cold winter or other problems such as a pipe blockage that may have caused the pipes to burst. There are some common causes for burst pipes in New Lenox, IL but with the right knowledge, one may make informed decisions about how to repair or replace the burst pipes within their property.

There are typically two main causes for burst pipes in a home: high water pressure due to a clog or a frozen pipe. Pipes typically freeze when they are not insulated and are located within areas of the home such as outside walls, the attic or below ground where the pipes may be exposed to cold air drafts. Without being insulated, pipes are vulnerable to freezing when winter temperatures plummet to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. When the pipes freeze, the frozen water within the pipe will expand and potentially crack the pipe. While some cracked pipes may only present a minimal leak, more severe cracked pipes could cause devastating flooding within the home.

The second main cause for a burst pipe is due to a clog within the pipeline. Hair, grime and other residue can collect in a pipe to create a blockage. If the blockage is not cleared, it can lead to the pipe building up an immense amount of pressure until it eventually bursts. When this happens, it can cause quite an extensive amount of water to leak from the pipe which will cause damage to surrounding walls, floors or the bathroom and kitchen sink area.

According to the Illinois State Water Survey, winters in Illinois can be quite severe at times. Freezing rain, heavy snow and cold temperatures all help contribute to pipes freezing within the winter time in Illinois. This is why it is crucial to take steps to properly insulate pipes in the winter to prevent frozen pipes from occurring. However, it is also important to take steps against blockages forming within pipes as well. Individuals can pay attention to what they are pouring down the drain or allowing to go down the drain. This can help to reduce the amount of hair and grime buildup within a pipe which can lead to a blockage.

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