Plumbing Service Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon can you make it to my house?

Most of the time we can make it out with in a hour for emergencies. We schedule our appointments in two hour windows so your not waiting arond all day.

Q. How much do you charge per hour?

We don’t charge by the hour. Years ago we decided that it’s not fair to the client to make them pay by the hour because it leaves the price up in the air until the job is completed. You never really know how much you’re going to pay. Plus you have to pay extra for a slow technician; that doesn’t make sense. Instead, after properly diagnosing the problem, we’ll give you a Straight Forward Price not a estimate. This way you know the total cost before any work is done; there are no surprises at the end of the job and you know you are getting the same price that previous clients paid.

Q. Why Don’t You Offer Free Estimates?

We give prices, not estimates. We feel that our technicians have enough experience to be able to diagnose your problem to give you a firm price that you can approve. We offer several replacement parts in our product section priced with installation. All other services have to be diagnosed, otherwise we will be just giving estimated prices. We do however charge a diagnostic fee of $39.95 to visit your home or business and give you a complete written diagnostics. We feel $39.95 is very inexpensive to send a experienced licensed technician to your home or business with a truck full of parts and tools. If we didn’t charge we would have to recoup the cost from our repeat customers and that doesn’t seem fair to us.

Q. Are you licensed and insured?

We certainly are Lic# 058-167743. Did you know any company advertising plumbing has to display a license # by law. Did you know any when performing plumbing has to be licensed. All of our plumbers are factory trained and must undergo continual performance and technical evaluation. They know their stuff. Plus we carry all of the required liability and workmans compensation insurance to protect the client.

Q. Can I supply my own material and have you install it?

Of course you can, we are happy to install any certified purchased product for you. There are some restrictions on the warranty so visit the warranty page for details.

Q. How can I pay for the service?

We take all forms of payment: cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Q. Fully stocked truck? What do you mean by that?

We arrive ready to work for you. Our trucks are stocked with 1000s of parts so that 90% of job can be done right there and then, saving you time and money! No more having to wait around for supply house runs!