What good is a warranty if you don’t know who to call?

As a licensed plumbing contractor we feel it is our job to give you the right product for your home or business. After all, when you purchase your home and a faucet leaks, do you know who installed it? When you purchase a product at a home center with a long warranty do you know who is going to honor the warranty? As a plumbing service contractor we have to be accountable, when we install a product and it fails you know to call us. Plus we match products to your lifestyle, and your home. Plus, it’s our job to give you a great product at a great price! And not the cheapest part for a good price, Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. will provide you with a great product that will match your needs.

1 Year All Inclusive Warranty

Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. will warranty any new product that we supply and install for a period of 1 year.

(For example, 8 months ago one of our trained technicians installed a new emergency shut-off valve. Well for some reason the valve is no longer working. All you have to do is pick up the phone, call us, we’ll send a technician right over, and fix the problem at no charge!)

No Hassle Water Heater Warranty

A water heater is one of the more expensive plumbing products in a home. That’s why it’s nice to know that besides having the manufacture’s warranty, Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. will warranty any water heater that we supply and install for a 1 year period. No questions asked, no labor charge, simply call us if you ever have a problem with your water heater and we’ll take care of it, no charge!

Whole House Water Line Re-pipe

We guarantee our workmanship for a period of 20 years. If your pipes fail at any time with in that period (excluding acts of God, riot of war), we will repair the failure for free of charge.

Sewer Line Replacement Guarantee

We guarantee our workmanship on all sewer line projects. We guarantee that the newly installed section of your sewer line will remain clog free for a period of 5 years.

1 year Clog Free Guarantee

Drain clogs can be a nasty mess. We guarantee that your drain clog will remain unclogged for a period of 1 year. If the drain that we cleaned clogs up with in a period of one year we will rod it one time at no cost. Warranty is limited to proper clean out access and does not cover lines that have collapsed, are clogged with a foreign object, misaligned, or have been clogged due to negligence. If the line has a root problem the line may NOT be covered by warranty, your technician will notify you if this is the case. If so we will provide you an estimate for repair.

Customer Supplied Material Guarantee

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any type of guarantee on customer supplied material. We will guarantee the installation, but not the product itself. There are literally hundreds of great brands and products out there, but we only offer guarantees on the products and material that we supply. The products and material that we offer are tested on our own homes. Customers will be responsible for payment on projects where the supplied product can not be completely installed due to manufacture defects.


All warranties are subject to proper use of the product. Abuse, negligence, or customer inflicted damage will void any and all warranties. Further these warranties do not cover acts of God, riot, or war. Warranties are subject to full payment for the project, clients who are late on payments or fail to make full payment may have limitations to their warranty coverage. For more information on our guarantees please contact our main office.

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