How to prevent Burst Pipes in Illinois

The best plumbing company for the job in Orlando Park, IL is Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc.. Call us today (630) 577-9241 or (815) 609-1859!Burst pipes can be a devastating issue that can easily crop up in one’s home unless the proper precautions and measures are put in place. The majority of times, pipes burst when the temperatures dip below freezing and the pipes have not been used nor protected against such cold temperatures. The natural conductivity of the metal pipes makes them susceptible to freezing and thus bursting which is a major event that causes damage and destruction within a home.
A homeowner needs to make sure that pipes are contained within insulation or have additional insulation sleeves around them. This is especially important for pipe joints and those that reside close to an exterior wall where outside temperatures may leak in to the house. In addition, pipes in a basement that is not heated also need extra protection to they too do not burst.

The other way to protect pipes is by making sure that when temperatures are low that the furnace or other source of heat is being run throughout the home to ensure that a proper temperature is maintained. This can be a good way to keep at least some heat on the pipes to prevent freezing. This is also something that needs to be done even when no one is home or when one is away for travel. A lack of heat in a home can cause pipes to freeze.

One additional way to help stave off bursting is through the use of water itself. On extremely cold nights or times when not enough heat is being generated to keep the pipes at an optimal temperature, running a very small stream of water through each faucet will help prevent ice from forming and thus prevent the pipes from freezing as the constant flow of water does not allow the water to sit and freeze.

The best way to truly protect your home is through the use of a professional plumbing company that can assess your home layout and pipes to make sure that all proper precautions have been put in to place to prevent bursting pipes. The best plumbing company for the job in Orlando Park, IL is Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc.. Call us today (630) 577-9241 or (815) 609-1859!

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